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Batman Godfather Mandingo Slumdog Millionaire The Shawshank Redemption
Boiler Room Harlem Nights Minority Report Soul of the Game The Silence of the Lambs
Borat Hotel Rwanda Monsters Inc Speed Titanic
Boyz N The Hood How High Pirates of the Caribbean Spider-Man Toy Story
Car Wash Hustle And Flow Platoon Star Trek Traffic
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Finding Nimo Kill Bill Raiders of the Lost Ark The Color Purple  
Forrest Gump Lord of the Rings Ray The Fight Club  


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 Back Yard Band    Go Go  0001    Back Yard Band    Go Go 0002   Experience Unlimited  Go Go 001
Experience Unlimited  Go Go 0002  ` Experience Unlimited   Go Go 0003    Northeast Groovers  Go Go 0001
Northeast Groovers  Go Go 0002    Northeast Groovers  Go Go 0003    Junk Yard Band    Go Go 0001
Junk Yard Band     Go Go 0002      Junk Yard Band     Go Go 0003        Junk Yard Band     Go Go 0004 
Junk Yard Band     Go Go 0005        Junk Yard Band     Go Go 0006        Rare Essence    Go Go   0001  
Rare Essence    Go Go   0002     Rare Essence    Go Go   0003     Rare Essence    Go Go   0004  
 Rare Essence    Go Go   0005     Rare Essence    Go Go   0006     Back Yard Band    Go Go 0003
What Band        Go Go   0001   What Band        Go Go  0002   Lissen Band          Go Go   0001
Lissen Band        Go Go  0002   Lissen Band       Go Go  0003   Lissen Band          Go Go   0004
Lissen Band        Go Go  0005   Lissen Band       Go Go  0006   Lissen Band          Go Go   0007
CCB GO GO     Go Go  0001   CCB GO GO     Go Go  0002   CCB GO GO       Go Go  0003
CROSS OVER   Go Go  0001   CROSS OVER   Go Go  0002   CROSS OVER     Go Go  0003
Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0001   Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0002   Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0003
Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0004   Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0005   Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0006
Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0007   Scar Face GO GO   Go Go 0008   TCB GO GO    Go Go   0001
TCB GO GO    Go Go   0002   TCB GO GO    Go Go   0003   TCB GO GO    Go Go   0004
TCB GO GO    Go Go   0005   TCB GO GO    Go Go   0006   TCB GO GO    Go Go   0007
 TCB GO GO    Go Go   0008   TCB GO GO    Go Go   0009      Northeast Groovers  Go Go  0004


DC Hip Hop Palace






G O G O   P O L I T I C S


GOGO Music is starting to explode like Rock-n-Roll in the 50's... The Government and conservative white people started a nationwide panic because Rock-n-Roll music promoted sex, alcohol and drugs. Now those same conservative people are visiting the Rock-n-Roll Hall of fame on a daily basis with their kids and the cameraís remembering the "Good Old Days"

GOGO Music has some of the same similarities as Rock-n-Roll.  However, GOGO Music is a powerful force similar to Gospel Music, you know when people hear songs and get the Holy Ghost... You can go to the GOGO and everybody is hypnotize by the rhythmic patterns GOGO Music creates.

GOGO Music Is Not Going Anywhere

Itís here to stay.  GOGO Music is growing around the world. The US Military Armed Service Men and Women are playing it in Iraq.  Its being played in Germany, France, South Africa, Russia, South Korea, Japan, etc... Its being played in our jobs and school's around the country. You can even hear it while your flying in our friendly skies.... The Internet is the number one form of communication in the world. That's more than the Telephone, TV, Radio or any other form of communication.  GOGO Music at DCGOGO.COM is heard in over One-Thousand (1,000) City's and over One Hundred (100) Country's per month.  No Radio Station, No, Satellite Radio, No TV Show, No Cable Station can say that.  GOGO Music is and has been played or playing in every country on every continent in this world.

Know other form of music genre can lay claim to that like GOGO Music is doing now.

Here are some of the Good Things GOGO Music has done for the city of Washington DC

  1. Lead the way on the Internet whereby the culture of the city is displayed across the world

  2. DCGOGO.COM has made Minority Children interested in using computers. There were thousands of children getting computers last Christmas to get on the Internet and listen to GOGO Music

  3. GOGO Music at DCGOGO.COM has made millions of people aware of our Black History. Children are learning about Emmett Till while grooving to GOGO Music across the country.

  4. First Internet Business that provides music while shopping for thousand of products on every page (Trend Setter).

No other music genre can say that. GOGO Music ain't going nowhere but to the top.

The rambling thatís happening locally in Washington DC with respect to closing clubs that play GOGO is nothing more than "Outside The Beltway Politics" and other Bureaucratic Fuddy-duddies using Girly-man tactics to support their Conservative Agendaís. The sad thing about that is the promoter's in DC can't find one Good thing to say about GOGO Music to crush what anyone else is saying.

Don't worry, DCGOGO.COM is crushing any idea that think GOGO Music is nothing but a call to violence.

Respectfully submitted,

Honorable G

The Official Go Go Internet Site
Go Go Music Industry

"The Music That United A City"

1970, place, Shadd Elementary School 5500 block of East Capital Street, Southeast Washington, D.C. 

One spring afternoon during class, our teacher had to excuse himself from the classroom for about 10 to 15 minutes.  While he was gone, we (the kids in the classroom) proceeded to talk, play etc.  All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, someone started beating on the desk. Boom Tap, BoomBoom Tap other kids joined by beating on their desk.  Now you heard Boom Tap, BoomBoom Tap along with TapTapTapTapTapTap. Then someone grabbed a cowbell and added the sound DoDoop

Words cannot express the feeling that came over our classroom during our 10 minute session.  I can only describe it as the spirit of the drum. 

Go Go did not start with one particular band.  Go Go is a DC music.  Its origin began around the end of the 60's after the Motown Revolution, the Assassination of Malcolm X, the passing of the Civil Rights Act, and the Assassination of Martin L. King Jr. 

Go Go became "The Music that United a City." 



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