D C   H I P H O P   P A L A C E







Bone Hard   Track001 Bone Hard   Track002
Bone Hard Track003 Bone Hard   Track004
Bone Hard   Track005 Bone Hard    Track006
Bone Hard   Track007 Bone Hard   Track008
Bone Hard   Track009 Bone Hard    Track010
Bone Hard   Track011 Bone Hard   Track012
Bone Hard   Track013 Bone Hard   Track014
Bone Hard   Track015 Bone Hard    Track016
Bone Hard  Track017 Bone Hard   Track018
Bone Hard   Track019 Bone Hard   Track020
Bone Hard   Track021 Bone Hard   Track022

Back Yard Band

Back Yard Band      Track001 Back Yard Band      Track002
Bank Yard Band      Track003 Bank Yard Band      Track004
Bank Yard Band      Track005 Bank Yard Band      Track006
Bank Yard Band      Track007 Bank Yard Band      Track008
Bank Yard Band      Track009 Bank Yard Band      Track010
Bank Yard Band      Track011 Bank Yard Band      Track012

Bank Yard Band      Track013

Northeast Groovers

Northeast Groovers      Track001 Northeast Groovers      Track002
Northeast Groovers      Track003 Northeast Groovers      Track004
Northeast Groovers      Track005 Northeast Groovers      Track006
Northeast Groovers     Track007 Northeast Groovers      Track008
Northeast Groovers     Track009 Northeast Groovers      Track010

Junk Yard Band

Junk Yard Band      Track001 Junk Yard Band      Track002
Junk Yard Band      Track003 Junk Yard Band      Track004
Junk Yard Band      Track005 Junk Yard Band     Track006


TCB GOGO      Track001 TCB GOGO      Track002
TCB GOGO      Track003 TCB GOGO      Track004
TCB GOGO      Track005 TCB GOGO      Track006

Raw Image GOGO

Raw Image GOGO      Track001 Raw Image GOGO      Track002
Raw Image GOGO      Track003 Raw Image GOGO     Track004
Raw Image GOGO      Track005 Raw Image GOGO      Track006

Raw Image GOGO      Track007


MOB GOGO      Track001 MOB GOGO      Track002
MOB GOGO      Track003 MOB GOGO     Track004

Elevation Band

Elevation Band      Track001 Elevation Band      Track002

Gospel Go Go

I Love To Praise Him Krazy Praise

SHA BAK Krazy Praise


6 Min. Jesus You On Heaven Sent

 For The Love Of You Heaven Sent
 You're The One For Me Heaven Sent  I Love God Krazy Praise
 Say Praise The Lord Krazy Praise I Will Give It To You Krazy Praise
 We Are The Heaven Sent Band  HOLY Heaven Sent

Gospel Soul

Count Your Blessing  by Greg Henneghan Foot Of The Cross   by Greg Henneghan
Praise You  by Greg Henneghan Jerimiah 33  by Greg Henneghan


Dance Hall   01


Dance Hall   03


Dance Hall   05


Dance Hall   07


Dance Hall   02


Dance Hall   04


Dance Hall   06


Dance Hall   08



W E B   D E V E L O P I N G


Web Site Designs For All Businesses

We Make Automotive Web Sites

BMW Chrysler 300 Impala Lexus

W E B   D E V E L O P I N G


M Y   H I T   P R O D U C T I O N


Featuring UNO


P A C ' S   P A R K

Pac's Park    Track 0001 Pac's Park    Track 0002
Pac's Park    Track 0003 Pac's Park    Track 0004
Pac's Park    Track 0005 Pac's Park    Track 0006
Pac's Park    Track 0007 Pac's Park    Track 0008





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ScarFace    Joint 0001 ScarFace    Joint 0002
ScarFace    Joint 0003 ScarFace    Joint 0004
ScarFace    Joint 0005 ScarFace    Joint 0006
ScarFace    Joint 0007 ScarFace    Joint 0008










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