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Marcus Garvey

Racial Success

Garvey made frequent calls for black people to emulate the economic successes and national ambition of Jews. "The Jew has something the Negro hasn't got," Garvey averred, "he has racial stamina."  "We want to work out a plan like the Zionist so as to recover ourselves," Garvey advised readers of the December 1937 Black Man.

In an editorial penned in mid-1936, at the outbreak of civil war between Arabs and Jews in Palestine, Garvey drew out the following moral for black people:

The Negro, primarily, like the Jew, needs money, but he also needs simultaneously a strong nationalism. Let the Negro couple the urge for money with that of nationalism, so that in another hundred years when he arrives he will not have the difficulty the Jew is now having in Palestine, but he will have a formidable and well-established nation to protect him anywhere he happens to find himself with his wealth. There is no better place than Africa, his original home. The Negroes of the world, therefore, should concentrate on making money and in using a part of it for helping to establish an independent nationalism in Africa.




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